"Home" Campaign 2015



The 'Home' campaign was conceived in order to inspire fans throughout the nation that 'Home' is a state of mind, that no matter where the team is, 'Home' is where ever the Raider Nation gathers. It is not dependent on a location, whether the team is in L.A., Portland, San Antonio, or Oakland; we wanted to inspire a campaign on the ideals of loyalty, acceptance, passion, and strength. We utilized the home campaign on everything we possibly could. We used it on BART ads, billboards, season ticket member boxes, schedule cards and many more items. The campaign assets lacked a call to action. This was intentional. In order to build the credibility of the message and to not take away from what we were conveying to the viewer, we left of the "Buy Tickets" that is typically included on all our pieces. This has been one of the most successful campaigns to date. Nearly every home game was sold out.