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I love to design. I love to help people.

Over my years of experience I have learned that while I do love typography, illustration, design, and layout, what I really love is helping people with the gifts I have. I know that I have truly found my passion in life. My goal for every project is to create interactive and emotional experiences through the people I work with. I want to help them achieve their goals and do what they love too.

MidAmerica Nazarene University
Marketing Dept. Intern

August 2012 - October 2013

Kansas City Chiefs
Graphic Design Intern

October 2013 - May 2014

Oakland Raiders
Creative Services Manager

May 2014 - Present


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Researching and learning everyday has allowed me to become confident in stepping into the unknown. I love what I do and will do everything possible to get to the top of the field.

Oakland Raiders

Creative Services Manager | May 2014-Present

When I joined the Oakland Raiders in 2014, the Creative Department was just being formed. Many of my duties were yet to be defined. As time has gone on, I have learned how to help each of the departments cultivate a style within the Raiders brand.  Everyday brings a new challenge.  I have been a part of projects as small as web ads, all the way up to helping create the presentation for the potential LA stadium.  From wall graphics, London bus ads, commemorative ticket stock to social media graphics and web ads, I have gained a vast amount amount of experience.

MidAmerica Nazarene University

Marketing Dept. Intern | May 2012-December 2014

MidAmerica is one of my most valuable internships because of this internship I was able to land all of my subsequent jobs. Here I learned to apply branding across various forms of media such as social, verbal, print, and web communications. I learned about photography, videography, and even a little about web programming. I was able to gain valuable experience in seeing an entire design process, from idea conception to implementation come-to-life. This is really where I cut my teeth and learned that I love helping people through graphic design.

Kansas City Chiefs

Graphic Design Intern | October 2013-April 2014

As an intern, I supplied daily assistance to the lead graphic designer on emails and graphics, advertisements, web backgrounds, brochures, event signage, t-shirts, and many other projects. I complied with and created pieces that utilized a complex brand style guide in order to help ensure cohesive design across all media. Some of my responsibilities included communicating an retrieving information throughout the organization about developing projects and managing 7-10 projects weekly. Some of my best work stems from the projects Bring your Mini-Chief to Work Day, Chiefs Fantasy Camp, and Chiefs Draft Party.


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